About Imperial Security Training

Imperial’s ability to train, retain, and offer upwardly mobile career paths for our employees increases the skills, knowledge, and experience of our personnel. Our goal is to assist our employees not only with their education, but also with enriching their life experience and develop their career path within the company.

Whether it is through on-the-job mentoring or helping employees reach their higher education goals, Imperial designs our employee’s individual development program to fulfill the goals of the Company in ways that mutually benefit our employees and our clientele. Imperial identifies each person’s strengths and matches these skill sets to positions where the officer may excel while Imperials continued growth provides opportunity for the officers to attain positions of increased responsibility within our Company.

Imperial conducts comprehensive training at all levels to prepare our employees to meet the challenges of the workplace, and believes the thoroughly trained and prepared officer is mission critical to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clientele. Our programs consists of new-hire orientation, New Hire Training, initial training to meet regulatory and licensing requirements, on-the-job training, site specific training, and continuing education. This prepares the officer by providing technical and interpersonal skills with the focus on customer service to give our employees the tools required to succeed as a security industry professional.

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